ANF Course 1 & 2​

Course 1: Neuro Frequency Therapy for Individual Complexity

Course 2: Advanced Pain, Inflammation & Antioxidants

The course is based on three fundamental building blocks: theoretical insight, practical training and ANF Disc treatment.

Theoretical Insight

The theoretical insight is the basis for understanding how the neuro frequencies interact with the body. It provides the conceptual framework on which the clinical examination is based, in order to determine the cause of the pain. The theoretical insight, which is progressively acquired through the three first courses, will build a clear vision of the treatment’s holistic approach.

Practical Training

The practical training focuses on techniques for clinical examination, manual therapy and treatment plan. The different techniques will be practiced among participants and on test clients. Participants will learn how to prepare customized ANF disc protocols to address pain and inflammation and normalize the affected body functions.