ANFP2 Practical Training Course

The Practical Training course is a combination of theory, practice among participants, practice among test patients, group work and personal experience shared by the instructor.

The practical training focuses on techniques for clinical examination, manual therapy and treatment methodology. Participants will learn how to prepare customized ANF disc protocols to address pain and inflammation and normalize the affected body functions.

Based on the ANF Therapy framework, we examine the body following the nerve paths and focus on finding the root cause of the patients problem.

"Real" Test Patients on ANF Courses

You are welcome to invite test patients with the body problems specified for this course level. It can be patients you have worked on before or some you wish to help.

The test patients will experience a significant pain relief or detoxification in minutes.

After the first course, you can implement ANF Therapy in your clinic right away. No machines or special equipment are necessary.

ANF courses qualify the therapists to:

  • Receive an ANF Academy attendance certificate
  • Practice ANF Pain Therapy in their clinics
  • Purchase the ANF Discs practiced in the course
  • Access the online training portal with further materials and protocols
  • Purchase hard-copy materials developed for patients
  • Access relevant articles and science online
  • Watch ANF Assessment Tutorial Videos