Welcome to Lymphatic System Master Class

Welcome to the Master Class on the Lymphatic System!

This master class will help you understand how the lymphatic system works and how it´s related to the patient´s health and ability to heal itself.

We will cover the fundamentals about the lymphatic system assessment and the treatment with ANF.

Lymphatic System & ANF Therapy

Today, our standard ANF lymphatic protocol is widely used by our ANF Holistic Practitioners all over the world. Our ANF therapists are helping patients with a large number of symptoms (such as pain, fatigue, dizziness, lack of energy, lack of concentration, swelling, skin issues, infections, etc.) only by treating the lymphatic system.

The purpose of this master class is to increase the awareness on the importance of the lymphatic system in relation to health and disease.

Our goals are to help you understand the complex functioning of the lymphatic system and how to approach it with ANF therapy.

We strongly believe that the lymphatic system is highly important, however it has been poorly understood and many times ignored in the healthcare system.

Happily, all our ANF therapists get to learn how to assess this important system and are able to help many patients in their clinics.

Lymphatic System: Our defense

The lymphatic system is our main defense, and normalizing its function is a potent therapeutic approach in many situations.

It´s the most neglected system in terms of treatment and research; because of the lack of possibilities from the health system, doctors and other healthcare professionals do not give the attention this system deserves. Furthermore, researchers focus on the cardiovascular system and the diseases related to the blood circulation.

Also, the connections of the lymphatic system and the rest of the body is poorly understood, and how it affects the health in a holistic manner is never taken into consideration.

It´s our immune protection and has a role in the initiation and resolution of inflammation. When dysfunctional, it makes the inflammation worse in many diseases, not allowing the process of healing to occur.

Patient's today

An inflamed lymphatic system might be the main reason -or be part of the development- of a disease.

It might increase the predisposition to infections, from bacteria, virus, fungi and the inability of the body to remove toxins or damaged cells.

It usually develops into chronic edema or lymphedema. Also, it can lead to cardiovascular issues, such as hypertension and atherosclerosis.

It´s closely related to autoimmune diseases. For example, Inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and diabetes. Also, most of our patients suffering from obesity have an impair lymphatic system.

Maybe the only consideration that doctors give to the lymphatic system is the spread of cancer leading to metastasis.

We cannot forget, when talking about the lymphatic system, how close it works together with the cardiovascular system and how important is this connection to allow organs and glands work well.

This synchronized work will allow a correct signaling of the nervous system to carry out its functions.

These 3 systems are always part of our initial ANF assessment to help with any type of pain and inflammation.

We believe the lymphatic system is higher up in the priority line of dysfunction and must be checked without hesitation to allow proper healing and prevent more severe diseases.