Welcome to
Phases of Treatment Master Class

Welcome to the Master Class on Phases of Treatment!

ANF Academy is focusing on securing the quality of ANF therapy through the continuous education of our ANF therapists to achieve better results in their clinics.

This Master Class is aimed at those ANF therapists who have completed courses 1 and 2 and are interested in progressing in their ANF educational program to excel on their skills with ANF Therapy.

Learning Goals

  • ​To understand how ANF therapy works following a well-organized treatment plan.
  • To improve ANF assessment and skills to develop a treatment plan with ANF therapy.
  • ​To improve the patient’s experience with ANF therapy.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the process of healing after injury
  • Educate the patient about phases of healing
  • Examine and evaluate the injured tissue
  • Recognize the phase of healing in which the injured tissue is.
  • Examine through palpation basic common injuries
  • Assess the injury according to the phases of healing
  • Manage basic common injuries with ANF therapy
  • Applying ANF discs for basic common injuries
  • Design a treatment plan for patients

We are happy to release this Master Class to our ANF Therapists since we believe all patients deserve to get the best possible treatment from the best educated healthcare professional and experience improvements in their symptoms.

Keep enjoying the ANF Experience.