Welcome to the Master Class VITAMINS

This MASTER CLASS is for those ANF Therapists who are working with complex cases on a daily basis and want to support their ANF treatments with the neuro-frequencies of important molecules, known as vitamins.

This MASTER CLASS will help you approach holistic cases in a more effective manner by getting a better understanding of what vitamins are and how they influence the patient´s health and recovery.


Learning Goals

  • Understanding the concept of vitamins
  • Knowledge about specific functions of vitamins
  • Evaluating a deficiency of vitamins in patients
  • Creating protocols for normalizing vitamin levels and functions

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the MASTER CLASS VITAMINS, the participant will be able to:

  • Define important molecules, such as Vitamins D, C, K, B12 and A.
  • List the main functions of these vitamins.
  • Identify the main areas where these vitamins are available / produced.
  • Assess the patient and recognize a possible vitamin deficiency.
  • Design an ANF protocol to normalize and stimulate the function of vitamins.

Why will your patients benefit if you join the MASTER CLASS VITAMINS?

Patients with Vitamins deficiency suffer from a wide variety of symptoms that decrease their quality of life substantially. With the knowledge obtained from this Master Class and the use of ANF Vitamin Discs, you will help your patients recover from many health issues without the issue of medication, organic substances, or ineffective supplements that are found in the market.

Your patients will feel the difference immediately when you apply ANF Vitamin Discs. They will notice your knowledge with regards to these important molecules that do more than what people think. These molecules, enzymes, acids, and pro-hormones are not what most people think. They are extremely important for our patients and the normal physiological processes that occur within our bodies.

Join the Master Class on Vitamins and help your patients heal with a more innovative and effective approach never seen in the health system before.